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15 Women Who Didn't Know They Were Pregnant

For most, pregnancy is a joyous time. The excitement of what is to come. Sharing the news with friends and family. Bonding with one's significant other over the idea of a growing family (and waistline...

Baby Buzz

15 Things You Didn't Know About William And Kate's Kids

Kate Middleton shot to fame the moment she started dating Prince William, one of the most eligible bachelors at the time. It was the fairytale story every little girl dreamed of. Meet a prince. Fall in love. Get married. Instant princess status.


15 Times Mom Sued The Midwife

Many women choose to have a midwife assist them through their labor and delivery process. It is becoming more and more common. A midwife is a medically trained professional that provides regular exams...


The 15 Commandments Every Mom Needs To Follow

The scariest thing about motherhood is that there are no rule books. When a woman has a baby she is simply sent home with it. Not a care in the world is given to the fact that she has absolutely no clue what she is doing.

Did You Know...

12 Pains That Aren't Braxton Hicks

Pregnancy is full of aches and pains as the stomach expands and the baby grows. It is no surprise that some abdominal pain is not unusual. It is crazy to be watching the body do things one ever though...

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