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Baby Names

15 Valentine's Day Names Perfect For Babies

Mon amour! Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday for lovers. Or at least, for love. And who do moms and moms-to-be love the most? Well, maybe it’s their significant other. But, if they take a look dow...

Baby Names

15 Baby Names That Millennials Have Ruined

The millennials are taking over. Seriously. In 2015 more than 1.3 million women in this age category gave birth, according to the Pew Research Center. And what comes with all of these births? Baby names!


15 TV Pregnancies That We All Adored

Ah, the TV pregnancy. It’s kind of magical. One moment mama’s a size 0 and the next she’s got a baby bump sitting on top of her skinny jeans. In a mere season the mommy-to-be goes from “OMG! The stick...


15 Freaky Body Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy changes a woman. Seriously. Okay, so it changes in the fact that a woman starts out as just herself – and she ends up as two! She goes from nights out with her girls anytime she wants, to sc...

Did You Know...

15 Things Parents Are Doing Wrong

Mom life can kind of suck. Okay, so mom loves her kids and she's totally happy that she has the family she's always wanted. But (and it’s a big one here), she kind of always feel like she's doing it wrong.

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