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Baby Names

25 Names From Sicily That Are So Exquisite

If parents just can’t find the right name for the baby amongst the baby books and the names of the neighbours, then try turning to a different area of the world. Sicily, with its Mediterranean climate...

Baby Names

The 25 Best Unusual Names For Girls

So many names, so little time. What to name a daughter? Parents could follow the crowd and go for popular names in the top 10 name rankings. For instance Emma, meaning ‘whole’, or Olivia, named after ...

Baby Names

25 Flower Names That Will Make Girls Blossom

‘The Darling Buds of May’ is a book by H. E. Bates, which was adapted into a British TV series in the '90s. In this book readers meet a character named Primrose Violet Anemone Iris Magnolia Narcissa L...

Baby Names

25 Indian Names With Exotic Beauty

Trying to name a child is a tricky task. It is important to find a name that family and friends will like; after all, they will have to say it constantly. However, the most important factor is mom and...

Baby Names

25 Gorgeous Names That Are So Different

Choosing a name for a baby is no small feat. Moms have to find something they like, something their partner likes, something that their family won’t laugh at. Moms also have to consider if the name ha...


20 Tips For Pregnant Working Moms This Summer

Pregnancy is always portrayed as a lovely time of joy and happiness. Life is being created and mom-to-be is supposed to feel great. The media portrays pregnancy as lots of gorgeous women dressed styli...

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