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Baby Names That Start With Q

One of the most fun (or frustrating) parts of having a baby is choosing a name. Some parents have names chosen long before babies come, and others like to pick from names that have been in the family ...


100+ American Patriotic Baby Names

Independence Day, more commonly referred to as the Fourth of July, is a time for Americans to proudly display their love for their beautiful country. Celebrations big and small happen from sea to shin...


Problems Petite Women Face During Pregnancy

Most of the time, being a petite woman is a blessing. We have more opportunities to date guys of all heights. We can shop in the juniors’ department and wear super high heels without towering over oth...

Did You Know...

25 Colors That Make Unique Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be difficult. With so many options to search through, it’s hard to find the right one. It needs to fit your baby from childhood to adulthood. It needs to have meaning. It needs to be unique.


10 of the Most Unusual en Caul Births Explained

As a pregnant mama, you’ve probably heard every crazy birth story there is to tell, from unexpected places mothers gave birth to women not even knowing they were expecting. One story you may have hear...


15 Places You Should Put a Baby Gate

With mobility comes access to lots of new and enticing things—and many dangers as well. It’s important to baby proof your house before or right after your baby is born, because there’s no telling when he or she will learn how to get around.


25 Baby Girl Names Inspired by Flowers

Nothing captures the beauty, sweetness, and preciousness of a baby girl better than a flower does. Then why not give your daughter a floral name? Here are 30 lovely, unique options of baby girl names inspired by flowers.


10 Celebs That Would Make the Cutest Babies

Whenever a celebrity couple announces a pregnancy, everyone goes crazy and waits in anticipation for the baby’s birth to find out the name and what the baby will look like. Some notable births from last year were:


Things You’re Doing Wrong in a Hospital Labor

Pregnancy is a nine-month (if you’re lucky!) crash course on your body and babies. So much focus is on learning about growing a baby and how to care for him or her once born. The baby’s actual birth...