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17 Pics That Show The Reality Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very wonderful, awe-inspiring time for some obvious reason. There is a certain attractiveness about a pregnant woman, but with all that is good about it, there is most definitely anothe...


20 Freaky Pics Of Twins From The Past

When it comes to twins, there is a very special connection that the rest of us do not share. They are not always best friends though, there are those that are just the opposite, and for whatever reaso...


15 Things That Can Stop Mom From Breastfeeding

So mom's new baby is here, and if she happens to be a new mom she will have so many questions and concerns, and that is perfectly natural. Even women who have had children before may still have concerns, but of course more so if moms are new to it.

Did You Know...

15 Facts About Bedtime

There are so many things that can disrupt a baby’s sleep, or cause them to have trouble falling asleep in the first place. Any mother can give you a long list of things not to do while your baby is sl...

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