Articles by Heather Djunga


10 Ways To Lose The Post-Pregnant Bulge

There is a wonderful build-up to the hour of birth. As things culminate towards the summit of pregnancy - childbirth - you as a mom might feel emotional, heavy, tired... but there will be an expectanc...


10 Reasons To Start A Savings When Expecting

Cute as they are, having a child will make your bank account look a little less cute. There are all kinds of hidden expenses associated with pregnancy and for this, you will need to make a plan to sav...

Pregnant Handbag Essentials

10 Handbag Essentials For Pregnant Moms

An expectant mom can have all the pregnancy books out there. Still, nothing can prepare one for the actual experience of being pregnant. There are so many factors that remain unconsidered by the newly...