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15 Things About Kate Middleton

Baby Buzz

What a life Kate leads! The Duchess of Cambridge must have so many things about her life that she absolutely loves, including her cute hubby, who's the future King of England, her adorable kids, her f...

21 Secrets The Royal Family Couldn’t Hide

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Every family has secrets. Usually, the skeletons in the closet don't get exposed too often. With the royal family, it's a little different. There are always journalists circling like sharks, looking f...

15 Celeb Moms With The Most Baby Daddies

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Actually, I'm a feminist and I think it's fine to have as many baby daddies as any woman wants. However, it's fun to look at the lives of celeb women and examine their choices. With this in mind, I'd ...

15 Most Opinionated Celeb Moms

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In the Internet Age, it’s all too easy to get pregnancy and parenting tips from celebrities! They’ve got a lot to say because they love publicity…and because people love to ask them questions! Now and...

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