Articles by Holly Hamilton


12 Women Who Got Pregnant On Birth Control

Birth control is one of the greatest inventions ever made. Although, this is just an opinion, it does have some merit. For me personally, birth control has helped with some of my medical issues. Birth...


12 Stories Of Babies Being Born On A Plane

Airplanes are these amazing sky buses that transport passengers all over the world. It is within these sky buses, that our lives are suspended for either a few short hours or a long while. Whatever th...

Baby Names

20 Sassy Baby Names For A Sweet Baby Girl

When naming a baby girl one often finds inspiration from books, friends, television shows, or movies. With so many names out there is can be overwhelming to decide what to name our little ones.


15 Ways C-Sections Can Destroy The Body

A woman finds herself two weeks overdue, then her doctor tells her, "It's time to consider a c-section." In her mind there is nothing to consider. She does not want to go under the knife, and who can ...