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Baby Names

25 "J" Names That Are Full of Life

There is so much about a name that gives it life. The sound, spelling, and meaning are only the beginning. The way that a name feels when it's said, the image it inspires in the mind and the connectio...

Baby Names

25 Mythology Names With A Modern Sound

There are myths and legends in every culture and whether or not people believe them, they are a fantastic source of information. They teach us about the history of a people and their beliefs and they ...

Baby Names

25 Names Nobody Would Have Thought Of

In today’s world, it seems like the trend where almost anything can be a name is becoming more and more accepted. People are picking all sorts of “non-names” as names for their children. There seems t...

Baby Names

25 Elegant Names That Are So Classy

Few labels are more important in life than a name. It is often a first impression we get from another person in our modern world. It is what gets called out in class in front of everyone, what is sign...