Articles by Julian Jamie Alessandroni

10 Life-Saving Hacks For Single Moms


Single mothers. We are not quite sure if there is a more admirable status. Whether becoming a single mom has been welcomed with open arms or a choice that was incredibly difficult to make, those who t...

10 Reasons To Initially Co-Sleep

Baby Buzz

Some parents begin to co-sleep from the first day of baby's arrival. Others transition from crib to bed from lack of sleep during their first year of life. And (for some), co-sleeping just isn't for t...

10 Tricks To Help With Teething

Baby Buzz

Not only is the first year with a baby full of adjustments when it comes to sleep, meals and overall lifestyle, but the teething stage can sneak up to you faster than you've expected. Teething can beg...

10 Unique Decor Pieces To Hang In The Nursery


When it comes to decorating the nursery, inspiration is everywhere. From the posts swarming our phone apps and websites, to the "suggestions" family and friends may lend, finding the perfect decorativ...

10 Arts And Craft Ideas For Kids Under Four


What better way to pass time and spark imagination than with unique and fun arts and crafts ideas? Most children under four-years-old are preparing for school and becoming more and more social. They a...

10 Easy Activities To Keep Your Toddler Busy


Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a working parent, or someone who just needs a quick two minutes to shower, toddlers need constant stimuli. It is important to keep their little brains interested...

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