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Prenatal Depression: 5 Facts (& 5 Myths)

Many women have heard of the term postpartum depression before and they know it what some women experience after giving birth. But a form of depression that is not talked about a lot is prenatal depre...

Baby Names

10 Marvel Universe-Inspired Baby Names

Marvel is known for having amazing comics filled with action-packed storylines and characters that people fall in love with. With the success of the Avengers films and tie in movies, Marvel is not jus...

Baby Buzz

10 Ways To Track Your Baby's Growth

Long gone are the days of having bulky baby photo albums that get put on a book shelf and never looked at. Now parents are having better ways to track their baby’s growth in a way they can view it eas...


10 Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you might feel like your pregnancy means that you cannot celebrate Halloween in costume but this is not true. There are many amazing Halloween costumes that you...


The Pros & Cons of C-Sections

There are several different types of ways a woman can give birth to her child and an option that has been becoming more common over the years is a cesarean section (c-section).


Pros And Cons Of Finding Out Your Baby's Sex

There are many milestones a woman can expect when she is pregnant. From going to the first ultrasound to feeling your baby kick there are hundred of magical moments. One of these milestones is finding...

Baby Names

10 Names Perfect For A Libra Baby

If you are expecting and your due date is on or between September 23 and October 23 then you are going to have a Libra baby! The zodiac sign that your little one is going to be born under can tell you...

Baby Buzz

10 Celebrities Who Have Libra Babies

When your baby is born, you can't tell a lot about how they are going to be and act like when they are older. As we are heading into the fall months of the year the Libra zodiac sign is coming into pl...


The Pros And Cons To Having An Only Child

Deciding how many children you want to have is an important conversation that you need to have with your partner. Even though children can be such a blessing, not everyone wants to have more than one....

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