Articles by Jen Babakhan


15 Memes That Nail Being Pregnant

There are certain times in a woman's life when if she doesn't laugh, she'll cry. Or she'll do both. It's definitely best to start off with a good sense of humor throughout three trimesters of hormonal...


Things They Don't Teach You In Childbirth Class

So you attended the labor and childbirth classes that your doctor recommended at your prenatal appointments and you're feeling pretty prepared for what's to come. I remember that feeling of having yet...


What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

We've all been there. Someone says something to us that catches us off guard, and we stand there in stunned silence, unsure how to respond. For a pregnant woman, this happens more often than you'd ima...


What You Should Know About Fetal Movement

One of the most magical moments in pregnancy is feeling your baby move for the very first time. That moment of, "Wow, there's really someone in there," is priceless. For some (probably all) new moms-t...