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15 Of The Most Shocking Celeb Pregnancies

It's always exciting when celebrities reveal they are expecting. Many of us slogging through the day-to-day challenges of life find the goings-on in the lives of famous people fascinating. When spread...


16 Kids Born With The Rarest Birth Defects

Every child is born with his or her own set of unique traits. No two babies are alike. Many little ones are born with rare disorders that add extra challenges and struggles to their young lives. Despi...

Baby Names

25 Netflix Inspired Baby Names You'll Love

The latest trend for an ultra-romantic date night in has become known as "Netflix and chill." How does it work? Welp, it's basically a binge-watch session of a Netflix program followed by some steamy ...


15 Photos That Prove Babies Are Gross

Babies are adorable, squishy bundles of joy and happiness. They smell like freshly baked bread and heaven. Their gurgles and chortles are akin to angels singing. Their peacefully sleeping faces are al...

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15 Times Breastfeeders Had No Shame

Breastfeeding is a controversial topic that many people feel passionately about, whatever their opinions happen to be on the subject. No one can disagree with the overwhelming amount of research that ...


15 Messed Up Kid Trends From Asia

Amy Chua was raised by Chinese immigrant parents. She describes her parents as "extremely strict but extremely loving," and has chosen to bring her children up in the same way that she was raised. Som...

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15 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Expecting

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a celebrity? Sure, the lavish lifestyles they lead sound appealing, and it wouldn't suck to break bread with Ryan Gosling and Leo DiCaprio annually at the Osc...

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15 Reasons #FedIsBest

The controversial hashtag FedIsBest has been circulating the internet lately, and causing no small stir. There are those who fully support this statement, feeling it eases some of the pressure placed ...

Baby Names

25 Baby Names Inspired By Friends

Television shows are an escape from the drudgery and stress of every day life. Many people have that one program they can't live without. Friends was a favorite of millions of boob tube fans for 10 se...

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