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15 Facts About Eminem's Daughters

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Eminem isn’t a typical rapper and he certainly isn’t a typical celebrity in the entertainment world, either. At this point in his career, I’m sure that’s something we all know very well. He likes to p...

15 Times Kim K Worked Against Her Sisters

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Kim Kardashian is today’s biggest reality television star and celebrity thanks to one very little tape she made with her ex-boyfriend Ray J back in the mid-2000’s. Now, we can argue all day and night ...

15 Photos Of Blue Ivy And North West

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce might come from two different worlds, but there’s no denying that they’ve got lots in common. After all, they are two of the biggest names in the entertainment industry righ...

15 Facts About Sister Wives Star Meri Brown

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Meri Brown is one fourth of the highly rated TLC reality television show, Sister Wives. While a lot of people might think that the Sister Wives concept might be a little strange and unconventional it’...

16 Things About Kylie Jenner As A Mom

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Kylie Jenner is perhaps one of the most fascinating members of the Kardashian and Jenner family. And that’s not just because of her ever-changing appearance or her obsession with social media (actuall...

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