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15 Ways To Celebrate The Baby's First Halloween

Wow! Baby is already one years old. It’s incredible that one whole year has passed with baby! It’s also incredible that now Mom will now be marking many other firsts: first step, first word, and first...


15 Annoying Things New Moms Don't Want To Hear

Most new Moms are so excited to be pregnant. Some are even lucky enough to have a great pregnancy with lots of energy and no nausea. The last few months are tough on any woman. It is the matter of car...


15 Of The Best Ways New Moms Can De-Stress

Once a woman has a baby her whole life changes. It is no longer about herself and her needs anymore. A little person’s needs have to be met first. Most of us are prepared for this, at least in theory....


15 Challenges That Are Good For The Baby

Being a Mom is hard work to say the least. We all know this, and as much as we love it, it can be stressful at times. The most important thing to remember is to trust our mother’s instincts when it co...


10 Things Likely To Trigger Miscarriage

You find out you are pregnant with your first child and are overjoyed. Within a few weeks, as your body adjusts to housing and growing another human being, as a Mom-to-be you want to find out as much ...


Funniest Things That Happen During Labor

Funny and labor were not two words I would normally string together, but just like many things in the human condition, there is unpredictability. And as people, we have two choices, we can laugh at th...


10 Things All New Parents Deserve To Know

So you find out you are expecting a baby. Finally! You are excited, happy, nervous, and wondering where do you begin to sort out all the information and things you have to do before the little one joi...


How Moms Envision the First Year with Baby

Ah, motherhood. We are all so excited when pregnant, and especially if it is a first pregnancy, it is all the more romantic. We say that we will be this kind of mother, have this kind of child, and we...


Prepare for Future Baby With Lists

The moment you realize you will become a Mom is the happiest moment of all time in your life, and one you will remember forever. You are so excited. The next step is usually running to tell your partn...


10 Judgy Baby Faces That Are Still Cute

Ever seen a baby scowling or making an angry or agitated face, and still think to yourself, what a sweetheart he/she is? You want to go and squeeze those little baby cheeks! Ever seen a little kid loo...

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