Articles by Katherine Grant


I Wasn't Supposed To Be Pregnant Again

After a year of struggling to get pregnant, complicated by infrequent periods due to PCOS, my husband and I were beyond ecstatic to learn that we were expecting our first child. We got pregnant in Sep...


Exclusively Pumping Gave Me Options

When I was pregnant with my second child, two women I knew well had already given birth to their second children within the last six months or so. Both of these moms had successfully nursed their olde...


I Slept At A Hotel Alone And Loved It!

“Jugging the Jenkins” blogger Tiffany Jenkins had an October 22 vlog about her recent two-day stay at a hotel trying to give herself a minute to catch up with emotions and anxiety after feeling overwhelmed from life’s responsibilities.


Why I Won't Stop Saying No To My Kids

The Psychology Today article, published in 2017, outlines seven specific situations where it is okay to use “NO.” But, what about the rest of the times we need to offer a negative response to our children?