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Baby Names

30 Earthy Baby Names For Natural Moms

As future mothers, we all want to find the perfect name for our baby. A name that represents them, that inspires beautiful qualities that any mother expects to see in her child, and that has a special...

Baby Names

30 Baby Names Inspired By Disney

For many couples, finding the perfect name for their baby can become an odyssey. The pressure in choosing a baby name is real and that's because it'll be one of the first things people learn about a c...

Baby Names

30 Baby Names For Mom's Future Free Spirit

Choosing the right name can be a difficult task for many couples; agreeing on the name of our child without a doubt can be something that takes time and research. And although there are couples who kn...

Baby Names

25 Names For Capricorn Babies

Astrology has been for decades a reason of study for the most curious minds. And it has become a source of inspiration for many mothers who seek to know how the influence of the planets will be in the...

Baby Names

25 Names For Aquarius Babies

Many mothers tend to check their horoscope weekly; to know what the influence of the stars holds on their lives, and all the curiosities involved in being of a particular sign. For some, it may seem a...

Baby Names

Ranking 2018: Celebrity Baby Names

Choosing the name for a baby is not an easy task because we must consider various personal factors, such as religion, names in the family, meaning, originality, opinions of loved ones and possible nic...

Baby Names

25 Names From Croatia That Are Up and Coming

For many parents find the right given name for a baby can be a stressful decision.  After all, a name is what gives us an identity in this world, and it is something that we will carry with us forever...

Baby Names

20 Entrancing Baby Names Everyone Will Love

The year is coming to an end and many parents are looking forward to having a new member of the family in 2019. A baby is one of the greatest blessings that a woman can experience. The kind of love th...

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