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10 Cute Maternity Shoot Theme Ideas

Maternity photoshoots are some of the most beautiful pictures as they capture a joyous time for expecting parents. Not only are they elegant and meaningful, maternity photos can also be fun and whimsical!

Baby Names

10 Baby Names That Mean "Angel"

Parents spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect names for their little angels, so why not pick one with a divine meaning?! There are so many adorable baby names with the meaning "angel" that expecting parents may have a difficult time deciding!

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10 Cutest Rainbow Baby Photoshoots

Losing a baby is every parent's worst nightmare. While it may be one of the most difficult experiences parents face, there is hope after the storm. The term “rainbow baby” refers to the birth of a bab...

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Celebrities Who Had Babies After 35

There seems to be an obsession with celebrity pregnancies, but even more so when those celebs are past a certain age. Most women can relate to the feeling of their "biological clock ticking" as they e...


10 Over-The-Top Yet Amazing Celebrity Nurseries

Oh, the fabulous lives of celebrity parents. They seem to have it all: nannies, designer strollers, and luxurious nurseries. Sure, nurseries don't need the most expensive cribs or changing tables to b...

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Kendall Jenner's Sweetest Auntie Moments

Kendall Jenner may not be ready to be called "mommy" just yet, but the model has plenty of nieces and nephews to dote on in the meantime. The 23-year-old's nine siblings have plenty of children among ...

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Chrissy Teigen's Best Parenting Hacks

Chrissy Teigen continues to entertain her fans and followers with her witty parenting style and humor. Luckily for fans, Teigen isn't shy when it comes to sharing both stressful and light-hearted pare...

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Chris Pratt's Most Adorable Dad Moments

Chris Pratt is not only an amazing actor, starring in movies such as Avengers, Jurassic World, and Guardians of the Galaxy, but he is also a fantastic father. Pratt shares 6-year-old son Jack with his...

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