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Baby Names

25 Names That Are So Extra They're Breathtaking

I think it's so exciting when I encounter a name I've never heard before, and I need to do some background research because my curiosity is just begging me to. Or when I hear a name that I haven't heard used in 'real life.'

Baby Names

25 Stunning Names No One Has Heard Before

The time is over for run-of-the-mill names. The moment has arrived for names that turn heads and start conversations and make people remember, but that aren't too 'out there' like Zebedee, Ikea or Mowgli.

Baby Names

25 Grandpa Names That Are So Cute For Babies

'Have you decided what are you going to name the baby yet?' This is the question thrown at parents from the moment they announce to their friends and family that they are expecting. Speaking from expe...


20 Ways To Make The Most Of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is really hard work. There's no denying it. The all-encompassing variety of changes that occur over nine months are colossal, and can push a mom-to-be to the limit... and beyond.

Baby Names

20 Baby Boy Names No One's Choosing Anymore

There's good reason why some boy names are dropped and never picked up again. They have what I call the 'urgh factor,' and are anything but beautiful sounding...and naturally you want your baby's name...

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