Articles by Katie Metcalfe

15 Times Pregnancy Destroyed Teens


Being pregnant is hard at the best of times. But being pregnant as a teen...it is almost impossible to even comprehend what that must be like. Even after reality TV shows such as 16 And Pregnant explo...

15 Childhood Diagnoses That Ruined Lives


Being a parent isn't easy. But being the parent of a chronically ill child is one of the most difficult, emotion wrecking, heart wrenching experiences imaginable. I've bore witness to several parent f...

15 Annoying AF Things Everyone Else's Kids Do


People cannot shy away from the fact that other peoples kids can be a nightmare. Everyone has been there - at restaurants when the kid is fussing or running around like something possessed. Or on publ...

20 Baby Names Inspired By Disney Heroines

Baby Names

Disney movies played a huge role in my growing up. It was a special occasion when a new movie would come out at the cinema. While we weren't able to go to every new movie - we didn't have the money - ...

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