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20 Head Strong Names For A Baby Taurus

Baby Names

Astrology is pretty mind-blowing. While the concept of celestial bodies and stars having an impact on the lives of human beings sounds ridiculously far-fetched, it actually has an element of truth abo...

15 Crazy Women Who Gave Birth Alone


It is the one thing that the majority of expectant moms fear - that the baby will start their journey out when nobody is around to help. There are the exceptions of course. Moms who are ready and prep...

20 Welsh Baby Boy Names Fit For A Prince

Baby Names

I am an English native, yet the little country that shares the landmass of my motherland is very much a mystery to me. On the handful of times that I've heard Welsh being spoken 'in real life,' it's b...

20 Amazingly Exotic Baby Names For Girls

Baby Names

Playing it safe with names is a thing of the past. Naturally mom wants to give her little girl a name that sounds beautiful, and will roll off the tongue with ease. A name she'll say with pride. But t...

25 One-Of-A-Kind Swedish Baby Names For Boys

Baby Names

Choosing the right name for one's baby is the second most valuable gift mom can give following life. So it's important to start thinking early on, especially if she's going for a name that's one of a ...

15 Crazy Rules Royal Kids Have To Follow

Baby Buzz

The Royal Family, they're a fascinating bunch really. And that's quite the admission coming from someone who's never even indicated to anyone about so much as a fleeting interest in the monarchy. Alth...

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