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15 Freaky Vids Of Animals Giving Birth

Ah, the miracle of life. They say it’s a beautiful thing…but is it really? Of course we all love those babies once they’re out in the open and have been given a fresh scrub, but the process leaves som...

Baby Buzz

15 Kids With The Weirdest Obsessions

Most people find themselves obsessed with something at some point in their lives. Me? I’ve got a big thing for ‘farmhouse style’ and grey paint; I blame ‘Fixer Upper’ for my incurable infatuation. I’v...


15 Weird AF Things Kids Carry Around

Early on in life many children latch onto a comfort object such as a blanket or stuffed animal. Most parents consider this a normal behavior for a young child who carries around an object that provide...


Mom vs. Dad: 15 Pics That Show It All

There’s no doubt that both moms and dads love their kiddos, and these days dads are more involved in their kids’ lives than ever before. Dads are jumping in, doing things like their daughter’s hair, p...


15 Annoying Things Only Naggy Moms Say

One of mothers’ most important jobs is being a teacher to their kids, but instead of teaching them math and science, we’re teaching them how to survive into adulthood, how to behave appropriately in s...


15 Times Moms Regretted Having A Baby

It’s safe to say that most mothers are fond of their children. Hell, they might even love them a little. But those little fiends have a way of making us moms recall our childfree days with just a dash...

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