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Baby Names

20 Most Exotic Baby Names That Mean "Blessed"

Some people choose their baby's name based on the sound quality alone, or perhaps it's just a favored name they've wanted to use for years and now they can. Me? I love names and think it's one of the most precious gifts parents give their children.

Baby Names

30 Baby Girl Names Moms Are Considering Right Now

A while back one of our intrepid editors asked you, our readers, if there were any baby names you're considering and would like to know more about. You all responded enthusiastically and quickly, so the slots for the first 30 choices filled fast.


14 Tragic Times Moms Will Need To Pump And Dump

Breastfeeding is a wonderful choice a mom can make, but it's not without pitfalls and hazards. And, let's face it, there are also some headaches associated with it. She just went through the biggest t...

Did You Know...

15 Very Real Risks For Kids With ADHD

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder is the most common psychiatric diagnosis for American children, affecting 11% of 4 to 17 year olds in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and ...


15 Signs He'll Run When The Baby's Born

Virtually no one sets out to be pregnant and alone, or alone with a newborn. Of course there are exceptions, but those are on rare side. Whether baby was planned, a surprise, or something somewhere in...

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