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15 Ways To Beat First Trimester Troubles

That first trimester is a steep learning curve for many new moms. First is the shock of it; even if trying for a long time, pregnancy is a awesome chapter in a life. Mom-to-be can be overwhelmed with ...


15 Signs You Need To Get A New Pediatrician

Pediatricians are like unicorns in some communities-- legendary beings highly prized and sought after. If a woman finds one that is worthwhile, she may go to great lengths to preserve and protect the ...


15 Ways To Ruin A Relationship After Baby

When expecting a baby, the thoughts of the future can seem especially peachy. Women can daydream about snuggles and kisses, and giggles and full hearts. They can imagine first family photo at the hosp...

Baby Buzz

15 Must See Celeb Maternity Fashion Fails

Fashion and maternity are not exactly synonymous for anyone, but celebrities seem to have a little trouble at times figuring out the line between attention-getting and ridicule-inviting. Some stars ne...

Baby Buzz

15 Times I Nearly Quit Motherhood

I am no novice when it comes to parenting, but that doesn't necessarily make me an expert, either. I am mother to four adopted sons, who came along first, and two daughters and a son by birth. Most ar...


15 Ways To 'Get In The Mood' After Delivery

Getting in the mood will not be the first thing on a woman's mind after giving birth, nor will it be the second or third. That's perfectly normal and to be expected, but if mom continually pushes roma...


15 Things Moms Learn NOT To Do The Hard Way

As an adoptive mom before giving birth to children, it's an appreciated fact that most adoptive parents have to take a class or two to prepare. Unfortunately, when giving birth, classes are optional a...

Baby Names

25 Puritan Baby Names From Early America

Choosing a baby's name is one of the biggest decisions to make as a parent, in my opinion. According to the child once grown, a name can be either a blessing or a curse. With Puritan names from early ...


15 Moms Who Regret Their Birth Decisions

Motherhood is the ultimate experience of womanhood. I don't want to sound divisive or anything, but after all if you have chosen to lead a child-free life why would you be reading this? So it's natura...


15 Perfect Trips For Babymaking

Trying to make a baby should be one of the best, most fun undertakings in life. But for couples whose fertility window is quickly closing due to waiting for the right time, person or reason, it may se...

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