Articles by Kristen Frisa


Shocking ways pregnancy wrecks your body

I hope nobody will read this when they’re considering whether or not to have a baby, because becoming a parent is a wonderful transition that should never be discouraged by anything as shallow as body...


How to Make Your Kids Smarter

While we all want to claim that our children were born the smartest and most capable creatures to walk the earth, deep down we know that much of what our child will learn and accomplish will be the re...


Nursing Gaffes You Didn't See Coming

After the many indignities of pregnancy and childbirth, women don't expect that nursing their babies will also be rife with embarrassment and bared skin. Babies are born with the instinct and ability ...


Newborn Names to Avoid

Naming your baby is a big responsibility. The name you choose is personal, but there are some newborn names to avoid for the sake of all the other people who have to live with your selection.


Ways Your Kids Will Mortify you

Kids will test your resolve in lots of ways. As you progress into parenthood, you’ll realize the need to grow more patience and perspective every day, just so that you’re not constantly yelling.


Unexpected features of your newborn

As a parent-to-be, you are in for a whole load of surprises. Some are earth-shattering, and others will barely hit your radar, but you're in for major excitement for at least the next eighteen years....