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10 Parenting Rules Katie Holmes Follows

Parenting Tips

Katie Holmes is a beautiful and talented actress who has certainly produced some interesting films throughout her career. But sometimes her real life seems much more intriguing than what her fans see ...

10 Things About Home Births You Should Know


Women have been giving birth in the comfort of their own homes for a very long time. Even after hospitals started popping up in various areas around the world, lots of mothers still chose to have thei...

10 Adorable Channing Tatum Dad Moments


Actor Channing Tatum has certainly been making a splash in Hollywood over the last decade or so, and he has become quite famous. But nothing is as important to Tatum as being a father.

10 Celebrity Moms Who Had Unmedicated Births


No matter how it is done, giving birth is one of the most beautiful and amazing things a human being can do. These days, many women are choosing not to have any medication during birth, which is calle...