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25 Gorgeous Baby Names That Start With The Letter T

Choosing a name for a precious unborn child is exciting as well as daunting. The lists of names are, and everyone and their mother has an opinion as to what mom-to-be should name their bundle of joy a...

15 Celebs Who Didn't Plan Their Babies

Life is all about embracing the unexpected. Even with the most thought-out, best laid plans, a person's world can get shaken up by the unanticipated surprises that life throws their way.

15 Rules Pregnant Amish Women Have To Follow

Life in the Amish culture is so much different than the lifestyle of a typical American person. When a woman in the Amish community finds herself pregnant they certainly can't just do whatever they wa...

15 Parenting Rules Beyonce Makes Blue Ivy Follow

Blue Ivy Carter is basically the closest thing us Americans are ever getting to royalty. We may not have princes and princesses, but at least we have The First Family of Hip Hop, The Carter Family. Th...

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