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15 Celeb Moms Who Treat The Help Like Dirt


There is a handful of jobs out there that I don't think I could do for all the tea in China.  I don't think I could be an exotic dancer.  I'm not well endowed, my dance skills are only good when I am ...

14 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Were Homeless


When we think of celebrities we tend to associate them with fame, wealth and fortune.  Celebrities live a life of glitz and glamour, often wanting for nothing.  Their purses can cost more than my car ...

15 Barbies You Won't Believe Actually Exist


When it comes to the Barbie Doll I am basically an expert, a connoisseur of the iconic toy if you will.  When I was a little girl I probably owned fifty Barbies including the Hawaiian Hula set and a c...

15 Last Photos Of Celeb Parents


There is nothing more chilling than staring into an image of someone who was alive one minute and then gone the next.  Often times the rich and famous live life in the fast lane and that pace catches ...

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