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21 More Rules Royal Kids Have To Follow

For people who are rule breakers, they would strongly dislike being a part of the royal family. Sure they have titles, money, and fame. Yet, it comes with a full set of rules that even royal kids are ...


15 Ways New Moms Are The Best

Have you ever looked at those impossibly well put together moms on Instagram and thought, "How do they do it?" Somehow, these women have managed to birth and raise a child, while making it look easy a...

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21 Facts About Princess Diana As A Mom

Princess Diana was a rebel in the palace. And, the area of her life where she showed her rebellious streak the most, was as a mother. She disregarded traditional rules and did as she pleased when it c...

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Kids Of The Royal Family: 18 Rarest Pics

With the Royal Family preparing to welcome a new addition to their family this April, it feels like the perfect moment to take a look back at the royals over the years and the children of today. Befor...

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15 Pictures Of Princess Diana Pregnant

It’s amazing how Diana set new standards during her time as a princess. She created a new standard for how the royals interacted with the public and were perceived. She also redid motherhood for the e...


16 Pics Of The Richest Kids In China

Just how rich can a rich kid possibly be? Well, let’s put it this way. When was the last time you went out and splurged on several $30,000 handbags? Can’t remember? Neither can we. Then again, we’re n...

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15 Celebs And How They Treat Their Young Fans

Taylor Swift is the queen at knowing how to treat fans. She pays surprise visits to their homes, invites them over to her home, and even checks in with them on Twitter when they're having a bad day. A...

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