Articles by Kate O'Hara

What Pregnancy Looks Like Around The World


Pregnancy, no matter which country a mom is from, is a beautiful part of life. Around the world, there are so many customs and traditions that make it a sacred and very special chapter in the lives of...

Everything About Hair And Pregnancy


Hair might not be the first thing people think about when it comes to getting pregnant. In fact, it's probably the last thing on a mom's mind compared to how she'll need to change her habits, invest i...

25 Baby Names Moms Wish They'd Used

Baby Names

Naming the baby is one of those things that comes unimaginably easy to some moms but is also something of a challenge for others. No matter what name moms choose, she can be sure that it was the perfe...

15 Signs He Isn't Ready To Be A Dad

Baby Buzz

Everyone is bound to have at least two major talks in their life, both of which go by "The Talk". The first when a preteen's parent sits them down to have the classic, usually mortifying, "birds and b...

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