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Lesser Known Choking Hazards For Toddlers

Last weekend, my 2-year old was invited to her first birthday party. A friend of mine was hosting a BBQ in honour of her son’s 3rd birthday, and she had all those stereotypical birthday party staples – balloons, hotdogs, loot bags.

Parenting Tips

When And How To Start Sleeping Training

If you’re reading this article, it means that your baby isn’t sleeping as well as you’d like. You’re not alone- falling asleep and staying asleep all night long is a life skill that all babies have to learn at one point or another.


The Benefits Of Taking A Prenatal Class

When most people think of prenatal classes, groups of hippy couples practicing deep breathing exercises together and awkward live-birth videos come to mind. Thankfully, prenatal classes have evolved q...


What To Expect During Your Level 2 Ultrasound

It’s the day that you’ve been waiting for- it’s time for your Level 2, 20-week prenatal ultrasound. You are about to get an in-depth, close-up look at your baby, you’ll get to take home a set of ultra...

Parenting Tips

How To Survive A Road Trip With A Child

Having a child is a life-changing experience. One of those things that will never be the same is road trips. With my parents being a two-hour drive away- and my in-laws being six hours away, road trip...

Parenting Tips

Should You Spoil Your Newborn Baby?

When we brought our newborn baby girl home from the hospital, we noticed immediately that our daughter was particular about one thing: all she wanted was to be in our arms. She didn’t care much for he...