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15 Things It Feels Like To Be Pregnant

Pregnancy makes a woman's body feel and look different. There is a gradual shift in gravity as the belly gets larger. There is that constant queasiness that happens for some in the first trimester. Th...


15 Poisonous People To Keep Away From The Baby

Things change when a baby is born. Bodies change, sleep patterns change, social outings change, and most of all relationships change. This can be the relationship between the parents of the child, or this can extend outward to their circle.


15 Ways Pregnant Women Suffer In Silence

It can be hard to let everything out in pregnancy. No, we're not talking about the gas! That surely comes out whether you like it or not. We're talking about all the emotions, the feelings and the oth...


15 Latest WTF Pregnancy Trends

There are a lot of things to get on board when having a baby. It's not all pushing or cutting a tiny human out of a woman's body anymore. This event has gotten big. The celebration has gotten to the p...

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