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15 Child Stars Who Ended Up In Rehab Centers

Lights, camera, destruction! Growing up on a Hollywood set is no easy business. Many child stars simply can’t handle the pressure, eventually succumbing instead to alternative methods to de-stress. It...


20 Facts About Alfie Evans We Can't Ignore

Born to parents Kate James and Tom Evans, Alfie was hospitalized in December 2016 after suffering seizures. He was subsequently diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition and remained in a s...


15 Pics Of The Rich Kids Of Singapore

One out of every 20 citizens in Singapore is a millionaire. For anyone looking for a millionaire to marry, it would definitely be worth ditching the Millionaire Matchmaker and relocating to Singapore ...

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15 Hollywood Men With Young Baby Mamas

At some point, enough is enough – but not for celebrities. Many Hollywood men have gone on to father kids well past their 60th birthdays and shockingly, some even after their 70th birthdays.

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15 Pics Of Brie Bella Pregnant

Can Brie Bella exist without Nikki Bella? The Bella Twins couldn't be more different from each other and although Nikki is the older twin by 16 minutes, Brie is actually the first to get married and h...

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15 Celebs Who Were Pregnant In Private

For many celebs, having a baby is just another way to get attention. Surprisingly for a few others, they do everything to keep the secret that they are having a baby under wraps so tight that they wou...

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17 Celebrity Moms Affected By Harvey

Out of over 82 women who have come forward, at least 33 are mothers, a number that should undeniably be higher. The torrent of allegations against Harvey Weinstein may have subsided recently, but more...

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