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13 Signs The Baby Will Grow Up To Be An A Hole

As parents, it is our duty to raise the next generation of human beings. That means we are the difference between raising a decent, contributing member of society and raising a total jerk!


12 Single Fathers Who Are Winning At Life

Single fathers often get a bad rap. We hear a whole lot of dead beat dad stories, but we often forget to recognize the superhero dads who are doing it all by themselves. There are plenty of dads who a...


15 Funny Pregnancy And Baby Pranks

April Fool's Day might be  more than a month away, but in order to have a good prank, we need to prepare. Now that we're either expecting mothers or have a baby or toddler, we have the perfect sidekic...

Baby Names

25 Perfect Names For Boys Born In Winter

Winter is a season full of holidays. Depending on location, winter might also mean frigid temperatures and mountains of snow. We might choose to remember the season of our child's birth when consideri...

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