Articles by Melinda Bailey


25 Of The Most Inappropriate Baby Names

From the second we find out we’re having a baby, the search is on. We buy books, check websites, poll the message boards, ask our friends, and search through our family histories for the perfect baby ...


15 Crazy Things Toddlers Have Said

People have been marvelling at things that pop out of toddler’s mouths since we fist figured out that they should actually be heard as well as seen. They really do say the darndest things. Toddlers ar...


15 Of The Craziest Surprise Births

Surprise birth. Just hearing those two words together will make anyone of child-bearing years and ability feel faint. There is no better way to prank a single friend then to take her out for drinks, w...


What Labor Feels like When the Epidural Fails

The second trimester is often called the honeymoon trimester because the worst of the barfy symptoms are over with, and the worst of the “carrying a bowling ball in your uterus” symptoms haven’t yet a...