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15 Birth Defects Babies Can Be Born With

It is every parent’s worst nightmare; having a baby with a possibly incurable birth defect that no one saw coming. Sometimes, no matter how healthy the mom is, something is slightly off in the genetic...


15 Ways Women Try And Bounce Back

The struggle is so real for new moms. We’re unrealistically expected to shrink back to pre-baby size almost instantly after giving birth. It doesn’t matter that it took nine months to grow the baby, a...

Baby Buzz

15 Celebrities Who Were A Surprise

Most people don’t like to think of celebs as what they are… actual human beings. Celebs deal with the same issues as us mere mortals: addiction, divorce, infidelity, mental health problems, you name i...


15 Babies Made Of Silicone

With Halloween coming up, many people are already in the spirit of spookiness and horror. There are a lot of creepy things that don’t just pop up at the end of October, however. Silicone baby dolls ar...


15 Signs Mom Took "Eating For Two" Too Far

Let’s start this by saying the goal here isn’t to fat shame/body shame anyone. Now that that’s out of the way and the claws are retracted, it does need to be said that there is such a thing as overdoi...


15 Reasons No Woman Should Ever Breastfeed

In this modern age where science rules and people are further than ever from their animal origins, it’s no wonder that breastfeeding has become a taboo subject for many. Why do what is natural and int...

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