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8 Ways to Get Baby Items for Free

Babies are priceless, but providing everything they need is not. The Globe and Mail newspaper estimates parents will spend at least $8,000 in their baby’s first year alone. The must-haves, including f...


10 Easy DIY Themed Gift Baskets for Baby

Are you still deciding what to buy for an upcoming baby shower? Pre-made baskets are handy if you’re pressed for time, but they can be expensive. If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift on short notice, make your own themed basket.


8 Strange but True Facts about Babies

Babies are wonders of the world. Just look at a smiling baby and try not to smile back. Not only are they absolutely adorable, some truly have marvelous abilities. When you’re talking about miracles of life, amazing things can happen.


9 Reasons Why I Loved Being Pregnant

You’ve probably heard the saying “life is about the journey.” It’s good advice that applies to many areas of life, including carrying a child in your womb.


10 of the Best Smartphone Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. As your bump grows, so does your motherly glow. It’s truly amazing how your body transforms week after week. So why not document every wonderful step?


8 Strange But True Facts About Pregnancy

Did you ever hear about the pregnant lady who loved ice so much that she ate it morning, noon, and night? Even during delivery, she crunched on ice chips to satisfy her cold craving. This story is true because that ice queen was me.


7 Ugly Truths About Child Beauty Pageants

In a world where the media is obsessed with youth culture, the trend of dressing up a young girl to appear as a little lady is rising. Combined with the media’s need to continually shock their audienc...


Pregnancy Basics 101

If you could summarize your pregnancy with one movie title, which one would you choose? “Life is Beautiful,” “The Hunger Games,” “Psycho,” or maybe “Are We There Yet?” No matter which one you choose, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”


Ovarian Cancer and Angelina Jolie

Cancer rates are on the rise and with the attention on women's reproductive health and cancer risks taking the spotlight more information about ovarian cancer and breast cancer are becoming available every day.

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