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15 Facts About Middle Sister Joy-Anna Duggar

Most people know the Duggar family from their reality television shows. For a family that doesn’t watch T.V. and is barely starting to use the internet, it is pretty funny when you realize that most o...


15 Signs Kim Is Jealous Of Khloe's Pregnancy

We all remember the Kardashian pregnancy bombshell that happened only a couple months ago. It might feel like Kylie Jenner has been in hiding forever, or that Kim’s surrogate was pregnant much longer ...


15 Disney Child Stars Locked Up Behind Bars

Growing up, just about every kid dreams of being on Disney Channel. The child stars that are lucky enough to find their big break early on in life appear to be living the dream. They have tons of fans...


15 Things Jessa Duggar Is Hiding

The Duggar family is no stranger to controversy. Whether you agree or disagree with their conservative lifestyle and ideals, it is hard to deny the impact they have made on our society. Most people wh...

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