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15 Things To Get Done Before The Birth

Belly Talk

There is no end to the advice, hints, and tips for what to do to make life more comfortable in the first weeks after birth. The internet, baby books, and everyone you know will offer such nuggets of i...

15 Jaw-Dropping Parenting Fails Of The Seventies


Every decade has its highs and lows, and the 1970's is no exception. In those ten years, we had the first cell phones, the first video games and the first Star Wars movie (or the fourth depending on h...

15 Hilarious Baby Photobombs You Gotta See

Baby Buzz

Babies. All moms love to take their photographs and bore the entire world with a blow by blow account of their day, and now that the world has digital photography, it is even easier to capture every l...

15 Times Parents Tried To Kill Their Kids


Most parents know what it is like to suffer stresses and strains in family life but, thankfully, few ever get to the stage where they think a real solution to their problems would be to kill their chi...

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