Articles by Phindiwe Nkosi

What Sex Feels Like for a Pregnant Woman


Do you ever wonder what it feels like for a pregnant woman…you know, when she’s doing her thing with her man behind closed doors? Perhaps you already know, but do you recall the time when you w...

7 Secret Fears of Non-first-time Dads


“I should be over it by now, but I am not,” he paused as though he had just said something rather common like asking for the television’s remote control or for me to pass him a glass of water.

7 Secrets Skinny Pregnant Women Keep


Many myths and ideologies surround pregnancy, these will be altered according to where you live in the world and the predominant cultural world-views that you have, these views help to shape and alte...

Unscientific Myths for Falling Pregnant


Each person has a battle of some sort. For some it is dealing with the death or rejection of a loved one, getting a job worth having, financial emancipation, spiritual wholeness or another battle alto...

7 Things First Time Dads Wished You Knew


This I know is true… Only a pregnant woman truly knows the gentle touch of an unborn baby kicking from the inside. No matter how much research you do, women are the experts on pregnancy and chi...