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10 Facts About The Lamaze Childbirth Method

Out of all the methods of birthing available for the expecting mother, Lamaze may be the most recognizable name. Today there are a number to choose from; there's hypnobirthing, the Bradley method, and...


10 Tips For Coping With Antenatal Anxiety

Although most pregnant women will experience stress and worry to some degree, there are some that, unfortunately, go through antenatal anxiety. If you’re having panic attacks, abrupt mood swings, and ...

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15 Celeb Kids You Wouldn’t Recognize Today

Does anyone remember those cute little munchkins that we used to see on television all the time? Whether it was the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon or MTV, some kids really knew how to stand out when it c...

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15 Celeb Moms With Difficult Dads

Everyone’s life is different. Where they are born, how they grow up, what they chose to do with their lives - all of these aspects are unique and respective to the person experiencing them. There are,...


15 Thoughts Every Pregnant Woman Has

Even though pregnancy itself is a common occurrence, every woman is different and therefore every pregnancy is different. However, it's safe to say that the anxieties pregnant women face are painfully...


15 Reddit Confessions From Moms

Mothers typically consider their children to be the biggest blessing their lives. She accepts the responsibility that comes with taking care of a child and raising him or her to be a respectful young ...

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15 Celebs Who Became Moms Too Young

Women dream of many things in their lifetime. One of the major ones is to become a mom. Of course, this does not necessarily apply to all women. There can be no doubt that becoming a mother is possibl...


15 Most Haunting Things Kids Have Said

As many parents and babysitters know, kids can say the funniest things. They seem to have no filter when an idea pops into their heads, no matter how inappropriate at the time. There have been plenty ...


15 Pregnancies With The Most Tragic End

The life of a woman can be a pretty interesting and emotional thing. In any woman's life, there is bound to be plenty of highs and lows. This can be said for men, as well. That is how life works. It i...

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