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Baby Buzz

20 Extra Outfits Celebs Actually Made Their Kids Wear

It's like they can't help themselves. In 2018, Kylie Jenner hit up the family Christmas Eve party in a floor-length, crystal-studded gown. Baby Stormi was seen in a matching onesie that was high on the style (but questionable on the comfort).

Baby Names

25 Baby Names Dad Wouldn't Want To Say Out Loud

Some names just roll off the tongue. It comes in handy when a dad has to refer to his kid – "Oh, Ava. Yeah, we started feeding her broccoli pretty early on. She loves it." It's when Ava turns into Appaloosa that it gets slightly trickier.

Baby Names

25 Lovely Baby Names That Will Be Popular Forever

There's nothing quite like it– the minute that newborn baby lies in mommy's arms, the magic has officially arrived. They're so tiny. Their eyes are shut so tight. Yes, they'll scream the house down for a feed, but it's so worth it.

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