Articles by Reda Markauskiene


7 Benefits of Having a Pregnant Belly

The growing belly is the most obvious evidence that you’re pregnant. And we all know that it’s difficult to find beautiful clothes, move and sleep. While hormones do their job, you feel miserable you ...


9 Secrets that Bring Families Closer Together

“Sometimes it feels like I have no connection with my spouse…Kids don’t obey me…It seems like I’m a stranger to my own family…” – does this sound familiar to you? Probably, at lea...


What Kinds of Breast Pumps Can I Choose From?

Before the baby is born, all moms-to-be are making the list of the most necessary things for their baby and motherhood. The question about the breast pumps should be considered as well. You never know...


8 Fun Winter Activities for Pregnant Women

It’s winter outside. Days are shorter and the cold gets its spree harder. Even for the most cheerful of people, the mood can slip. The sadness of winter could be described as a soft depression -- the ...


Hipster Baby Clothes That Are So Adorable

There is no doubt that being stylish is an important part of everyone’s personality. And being a baby doesn’t necessarily mean boring pink/blue outfits! There are plenty of fashionable clothes for th...