Articles by Sara Young


Outrageous Pregnancy Myths

Myths; a lot of things we know are based on myths. Such as don't wake a sleepwalker, or you could kill them. This is obviously not true, but the myth still persists today. They are everywhere, and eve...


15 Summer Survival Hacks for Mommy

Ah, summer. It seems like we wait so long for you to come and grace us with your warmth, your sunny days, and summer beach fun. Wait, who am I kidding, we have kids and that means summer can be anythi...


14 Pregnancy Rituals We No Longer Do

In today's society we have tons of "rituals" for all sorts of occasions, such as taking a picture of your food and posting it to a social media platform before digging in. I am proud to say I am not g...


2015’s Most Popular Girls Names

Naming your baby might just be the hardest thing about having one, aside from you know, labor and actually having the baby. It’s always a heated debate though, many couples stress over the name. When ...


8 Things Pregnant Women Overshare

We're taught from a young age that sharing is nice, in some cases even expected of us. If we like people then we're told we should share with them. Pregnancy seems to be no exception to this rule, in ...