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15 Emotions All New Moms Will Understand

Pregnancy often forms the crux of a woman’s lifetime, she will never be the same person afterward. During pregnancy, women have to deal with sudden mood swings, among other super annoying things like ...


15 Roles Fathers Take When Taking Care of Newborns

Fathers are great with children. They’re there to make them laugh, protect them from silly girls and to teach their girls how to beat up silly boys! They are there to threaten the safety of any boys t...


15 Adorable Games You Can Play With Your Newborn

Every new mommy knows how their newborn baby is curious about everything that happens around them. Their little brain is creating connections between a lot of different things. It's classifying and ca...


15 Cravings for a Pregnant Woman's Sweet Tooth

For those of you dealing with cravings, it sure as hell can get difficult at times. There's no denying the struggle is real. Typical cravings include foods that are normally tangy or spicy, while othe...

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