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15 Ways To Handle Your Child Coming Out To You

Few things create more of a stomach-dropping sensation than the sentence, “I have something to tell you,” whether it’s by text or in person. If your child has decided to come out to you, this is big and exciting news.

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11 Signs Your Baby Will Be a Genius

A genius child is a rare occurrence, if we’re speaking in terms of statistics. Usually, if parents find anything unusual or unique in their new born, then they probably think that their child is super...

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12 Things To Do Instead Of Spanking

Spanking. Is there anything more controversial these days? Spanking used to be the norm for punishing your children decades ago, and a lot of parents still do so. However, studies have shown that span...


15 Hilarious Reactions Men Have to Pregnancy

It sure is difficult for women during pregnancy, but please, for once, let’s think about the men! Oh yes, you've heard of pregnancy brain (women going a little bit nuts while they're pregnant), but wi...


Should Children Be Breastfed After Age 3?

Breastfeeding is a very natural human phenomenon, and a wonderful experience for both the mother and her child. Nevertheless, breastfeeding your baby a little longer than socially acceptable comes with its own sets of pros and cons.


11 Unbelievable Women Who Worked Out Through Pregnancy

Imagine yourself swaggering around with some serious moves, even when you have those extra pounds of bundle of joy inside your tummy! It would mean more gasping than what already pregnant women are experiencing right now, sure.


15 Unknown Risks of Labor Induction

Labor Induction, quite simply put, is the artificial stimulation of labor in a pregnant woman. The reasons as to why it's prescribed can be various - delay in the natural course of labor, any infectio...


18 Worst Vacation Experiences with Kids EVER

You know that it’s not as much a vacation if there are kids. Let’s face it, taking care of the kids and making sure they’re having fun while being safe takes a huge toll on your vacation relaxation ti...

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