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10 Helpful Herbs For Pregnant Vegan Mommies

Pregnancy is a unique and wonderful experience. Yet it’s sometimes marred by the various idiosyncrasies that come with it. Since time immemorial natural herbs have been used to treat various sorts of ...


Pregnancy Workout Myths Busted

How many times have pregnant women (who were due in approximately 5-6 months) told to restrict or completely avoid exercising and working out? MANY! But it’s an urban myth, and the sole purpose for s...


What Can Happen in a Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is technically defined as a pregnancy which was the result of an unintentional event (consensual sex, rape) during the teen years between 15-19. This age group has around 750,00...


Can Men Get Pregnant? The Reality Check

We’ve always known that pregnancy happens to women only, that they're the ones designed to carry a child and nurture it inside their wombs. This is how it has been from time immemorial. But has anyone...


Find Out Who's the Father of Your Baby

Pregnancy is a time of celebration for women- preparation time for the arrival of a new life, as well as new member of the family. It’s about stepping into motherhood and entering into a more mature ...

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