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The Top 18 Girls' Names that Mean Beautiful

Most would-be parents spend anxious hours agonizing over what to name their baby. Deciding on a name is one of the most difficult tasks for a parent because this name is going to be the baby’s compani...


Top 8 Things New Moms Think About Daily

Worrying seems to be the birthright of “us” parents and an integral part of the personality of every parent. A slight sneeze here, a mild fever there can send us rushing to the hospital. Every parent ...

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7 Things Not to Buy During Pregnancy

When we're pregnant, it seems as if the entire world is trying to sell us things. Be it pregnancy magazines, infant stores or websites–each one of them wants to grab our attention and sell us som...


What Happens to the Baby When You Go Into Labor

We're all aware of the inscrutable pains a woman goes through when labor pangs begin. The agonizing hours spent waiting to see her baby for the first time is clearly a torture. Nevertheless she strugg...


7 Reasons You Could Be Infertile

Life isn’t always fair to us and not everyone gets their due – a lesson that we learn day in and day out. This is an especially painful lesson for women who are unable to get pregnant. A woman who has...


9 of the Best Gender Reveal Party Ideas Your Baby

Gone are the days when you would simply call up your friends and family to reveal the gender of your baby. Nowadays, the latest trend in pre-birth celebrations is a gender reveal extravaganza complete with flavors, games and a Pinterest board.

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