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15 Car Deliveries That Are Too Fast And Furious

The hospital bag is packed by the door,the birth plan is printed, the route to the hospital is planned out, and Mom-to-be has timed how long it will take to get there. But everyone knows what they say happens to the best laid plans?


15 Women Who Got Dumped During Birth

Having a baby is supposed to be one of the most amazing moments of a person’s life. Many women and their partner’s attend doctor’s appointments together, taking birthing classes, and put their birth p...


15 Insulted Parents Who Went Rogue

Being a parent, means having a lot of patience. Patience with a crying newborn, with a trying toddler, and with a snotty teenager. Parents must also have patience to deal with strangers who think they...

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15 Eye-Opening Truths About C-Sections

When it comes to delivering the baby, having to do it by cesarean section isn’t something most people wish for. However, if it happens that way, it does not need to be a scary experience. Becoming inf...


15 Labor Necessities Most Moms Forget

As mom-to-be approaches closer to the birth of her child, her feelings of excitement and anxiousness will increase. Sleep will be frequently interrupted with bathroom breaks and painful leg cramps. Yo...