Articles by Taylor Lott


Why Raising A Boy Is Just the Worst

No matter whether a mother raises a son or a daughter, the child is no doubt loved. Children bring meaning and focus to a woman like no other major life event can. Being responsible for a child is abo...


Baby Diaper Changing Disasters

Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to diaper changing. For some, it doesn't bother them at all (mostly mommies). Some can't stand the smell. Others are all about the visual, they see it and ...


15 Baby Boy Names That Have The Best Nicknames

From the time you find out that your expecting there is probably a crazy list of names that run through your head at all times. Along with the thoughts are questions like what names do I like? Is it a...


What's Happening To My Chest?

One of the most common side affects and most talked about sign of pregnancy is soreness and tenderness in your bosoms. Most people don't know that starting from day one of conception, your chest will ...